stellanimas asked: ?why barbara palvin no longer in Victoria's Secret Fahion Show?

No one knows for sure why Barbara was not at VSFS 2013. There are some rumors that she can not attend the casting because of other work and others say she was a little overweight (which I actually think is a lie).


But rumors are just rumors, we should expect the facts and hope that she participate in VSFS 2014.

Anonymous asked: I love your edits. You're amazing. Post more pls

Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to post more often, unfortunately I have not had much time. But I’ll do my best. :)

Anonymous asked: Thoughts about Candice

Currently I think she is the favorite Angel, of much of the fans VS. She is young, beautiful, sweet and extremely friendly. You hardly find people who dislike her. Surely she will always be remembered in the elite of Angels, as well as Heidi, Miranda and Adriana. I like her a lot, as it shines and makes everything around him shine. I hope it continues as Angel for many years.